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Six of the best clubs and Bars for International Students in Tel Aviv

International students looking for the best bars and clubs for them to visit during their time in Israel look no further... This article will include bars that have great deals and an atmosphere for young students looking for things to do during the week, as well as some of the best clubs on Rothschild Street...

Kuli Alma- most popular club in Tel Aviv Kuli Alma, established in 2014, is a unique music and art-focused nightlife venue located in south Tel Aviv. It stands as a hub for diverse audiences, including avid night owls, music enthusiasts, and cultural admirers, both from the local creative scene and international visitors. Run by a collective of Tel Aviv DJs, artists, and party personalities, the name "Kuli Alma," meaning "The Whole World" in Aramaic, aptly captures its global music vision and broad appeal. Upon entering, guests are greeted by vibrant street art, projected vintage films, and an outdoor courtyard with a vegetarian Israeli delicacies menu. The space features rotating art displays in a new cylindrical gallery, and an indoor bar and dance floor hosting eclectic electronic, house, hip-hop, and ethereal music via live DJs and acts throughout the week.

  • multiple rooms

  • goes all night

  • live concerts, drag shows, and other shows all week long

  • weekend lines are long

  • hard to get in after midnight

  • typically have to be over 23 to get in, depends on the night or bouncer

Jimmy Who- One of the main clubs on Rothschild In its third year, "Jimmy" emerges as a dynamic hotspot offering an array of experiences, including vibrant music, parties, live shows, and drinks, drawing in both local and international visitors. The transformation signifies a shift towards daily festivities, with weekends and weekdays alike becoming "Jimmy parties." The week kicks off with an extraordinary live jam on Sundays, featuring Israel's top musicians. Mondays host private parties, while Tuesdays bring the "Jimmy Hop" midweek celebration, a hip-hop night personally hosted by the owners and staff. Wednesdays spotlight "BEEF," an exclusive gay party. Thursdays and Fridays are marked by "Jimmy Party Time" and "Friday Bash," featuring Jimmy's signature blend of music that keeps the energy flowing well into the early hours. Saturdays stand out with authentic hip-hop parties, "BOOMBOX" and "BUSTED," seamlessly blending old-school and contemporary beats. For newcomers, Jimmy promises a breathtaking initial encounter with what is acclaimed as one of the most stunning bar/clubs in the Middle East, if not the world. The venue's enchanting atmosphere has garnered praise from global tourists who eagerly anticipate their return to Jimmy, as expressed through emails and Facebook comments.

  • lines every day of the week

  • always has a cover

  • club atmosphere with no windows and dark lighting

  • will take 20-year-olds are for sure to get in

  • goes all night

Lima Lima- Reggeatone music and good vibes Lima Lima, nestled at the intersection of Lilinblum and Nachalat Binyamin streets, stands as a haven for the stylish party-goers of Tel Aviv. The venue offers an upscale experience within a thoughtfully crafted and indulgent space. Its interior boasts an opulent bar, plush seating including cozy armchairs, and carefully designed lounging areas, fostering an alluring ambiance. The layout encompasses a dance floor, a performance stage, a DJ station, and state-of-the-art systems for air conditioning, sound, and lighting. The outdoor area features a sleek dark wooden floor, with a captivating centerpiece in the form of a vibrant and eye-catching waterfall. Surrounded by lush vegetation and enchanting lighting, this space is dotted with inviting seating arrangements, while a dedicated bar caters to guests' needs. Lima Lima creates an environment where luxury and design come together to provide a memorable and immersive social experience.

  • rarely a line on the weekends

  • just a little off Rothschild St

  • may have a cover

  • great outdoor space

  • good dance floor

  • just have to be over 18 most of the time

The Hive- Techno club with a Rooftop bar The Hive, a multi-level entertainment destination, offers a diverse experience for its visitors. With several floors to explore, one standout feature is its rooftop bars where patrons can savor delectable cocktails and cuisine while enjoying a pleasant ambiance with music and ample seating. The rooftop area provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for socializing and enjoying the views. Descending to a lower level, The Hive transforms into a techno nightclub that extends its vibrant energy well into the morning hours. This underground clubbing space is dedicated to electronic music enthusiasts, creating an immersive experience with pulsating beats and an electric atmosphere. The contrast between the rooftop's leisurely charm and the techno club's high-energy environment adds depth to the venue's offerings, catering to a diverse range of nightlife preferences. Overall, The Hive encapsulates the essence of dynamic nightlife, accommodating both those seeking laid-back enjoyment and those craving an electrifying dance-filled experience.

  • weekends will have a cover

  • 18-year-olds will get in

  • great rooftop bar

  • djs are great

  • on Rothschild

  • never a bad line

Teder- Outdoor bar with great Pizza TEDER.FM stands as the ultimate destination for hipsters in Tel Aviv, akin to a Mecca for the trendsetting crowd. The once-pop-up bar has secured a permanent spot at Derech Jaffa 9, a secluded courtyard beneath Salon Romano restaurant. This unique venue also features renowned chef Eyal Shani's debut pizza joint, where patrons can relish generously topped, thinly-crust pizzas alongside pitchers of beer, ideal for communal enjoyment. Open nightly from 8 pm (except Sundays), it's advised to arrive early, preferably before 9 pm, to secure a coveted table in the relaxed setting. The bar regularly showcases guest DJs, aligning with their live broadcasts on TEDER.FM, while also hosting special performances, film screenings, and vintage markets. Characterized by its unpretentious and laid-back vibe, TEDER.FM offers outdoor seating within an old gallery, fostering an inviting space to unwind with friends for extended periods. With an alluring combination of great music, communal beer servings, delectable pizza, and reasonable prices, TEDER.FM has become a go-to spot for those seeking a unique and affordable hangout experience.

  • great for a chill night

  • do not miss out on their live concerts

  • a concert night might have to be 21 to get in

  • pizza is a must try

  • has a bar in the back corner with great music on vinyl

  • open market during the day

  • artist community

Dizzy- Bar on Dizengoff with bottomless wine Sundays Dizzy Frishdon, founded in 2009, has become a prominent and sought-after bar in Tel Aviv. Positioned at the heart of the city on Dizengoff Street, this expansive and lavishly adorned lounge-bar boasts a unique charm. Its design encompasses three distinct bars, offering patrons a diverse and captivating experience depending on their chosen location. The establishment's remarkable ambiance ensures a delightful and individualized outing. Renowned for its exceptional food, cocktails, beers, and wines, Dizzy Frishdon has solidified its reputation as a premier mingling spot in Tel Aviv. The bar features special nights, including an "All You Can Drink Wine" event on Sundays, a dedicated "Cocktail Night" on Tuesdays, and bustling weekends where early arrivals before 10:00 pm are recommended for swift entry. As a hub of social interaction and enjoyment, Dizzy Frishdon stands as a testament to Tel Aviv's vibrant nightlife scene.

  • Wine night is a blast 89 shekels for unlimited wine

  • can be hard to move when busy

  • close to good food and other bars

  • no cover

  • only have to be 18 to get in

This was a summary to get you oriented, and there are many other bars and clubs to discover. You can always book a pub crawl with D-TLV Pub Crawl to make sure you don't miss a spot!

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