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So you have a birthday? A bachelor or office party? Party planning can be stressful and can honestly ruin your big day. D-TLV has many ways for you to celebrate any way you like. Get on your party hat, grab your sparklers, and explore the many options of fun D-TLV has to offer you.

#1 Public Pub Crawl

A super fun easy way to celebrate a birthday. You get a wild, unforgettable night in the heart of Tel Aviv’s nightlife. Included in this deal, you receive VIP entry to four clubs/bars, a free shot at each place, and a chance to meet new people! Who knows? You could even find a lover on one of these crawls! It’s not surprising. This is typically better suited for 20-30 year olds.

#2 Private Pub Crawl

For a more intimate way to celebrate a birthday or bachelor party, D-TLV offers private pub crawls. With this deal, you receive everything included in the public pub crawl with the exception that you will be able to dictate who many guests come and also who they are. This is better suited for older crowds who want a more relaxed vibe.

#3 Alcohol Workshop

If you want to brew your own beer or become a master mixer, then our alcohol workshops are the perfect place to celebrate a bachelor/ette party! Included is a 3 hour workshop either brewing your own beer that you get to drink after or making your very own cocktails that you also get to enjoy. 

#4 Booze Cruise

For the summer months, D-TLV offers one of the most unique party experiences out there. Included are the best views on the Mediterranean sea, 2 hours of fun, and UNLIMITED ALCOHOL. Get your tan on with us this summer and celebrate! D-TLV also offers private boat parties for those looking for a more intimate experience.

#5 Rooftop/Hostel/Office Parties

A surprise to many, D-TLV also offers event planning services to take all the stress of planning a party off of your shoulders. Whether it be a small gathering or a huge corporate party, D-TLV has you covered. D-TLV is partnered with many companies who have the necessary resources to give you a stress free, perfect night of celebration. 

In conclusion, D-TLV is simply a company you can’t afford not to celebrate with. With the truly unforgettable experiences they offer, you are sure to have the time of your life.

For booking events visit:

For private inquiries: +972 542264469

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