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Map of Our Locations

Here is a short list of some of the many venues we could visit on a D-TLV Public Pub Crawl. With this list of places, you have all the information to get ready for the Pub Crawl and to get excited for the prospects of going with us. If you like any of the below locations, please feel free to contact us and request that we take you there on our Public Pub Crawl. Better yet, you can schedule your own Private Pub Crawl with any Club/Bar below or one not listed!

Kuli Alma Logo
Kuli Ama Pub Crawl


Mikve Israel St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Kuli Alma includes, as they quote themselves, a "kaleidoscope of vibrant street art murals, vintage films and art projected onto the walls, and a winding staircase leading into an open-air courtyard". With multiple different music rooms ranging from disco to techno, arcade games, and an area to sit and sip, Kuli Alma is perfect for anyone. The lines on this place can be endless, but have no fear, with us its only VIP treatment!

Sputnik Bar

Allenby St 122, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Walk through the alley way to the way back and you'll be happily surprised with a futuristic style bar covered by the sinister window displays. Sputnik offers a welcoming environment to drink and hang with friends, with a secret room for drinking and dancing around the corner. Step on into the futuristic environment and even drink in a rocket ship to pop your night off!

Sputnik Logo
Sputnik Pub Crawl
Jimmy Who? logo
Jimmy Who? Pub Crawl


Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This club makes you question where you are the second you walk in, with the biggest question being who the fuck is Jimmy? Absorbing its dark and neon vibes, you'll feel as you've entered the dark side when you arrive. The DJ's have the control here and use it well to always provide a great night out. Let US get you a drink here, instead of on your own!


Mikve Israel St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon… walk through the portal into this underground village to experience a world like no other. Multiple rooms to satisfy any and all vibes, from chilling in couches to drinking at a bar to dancing nonstop to experimental electronic music. Each one specially designed for a unique experience unlike anything else in the world!

Bavel logo
Bavel pub crawl
Hive logo
Hive pub crawl


Rothschild Blvd 33, Tel Aviv-Yafo

No bees here, but Hive is sure to provide a stinging night. With a mellow outdoor vibe on one of the liveliest rooftops  in Tel Aviv, this club has so much to offer. This place is exactly what they advertise, "a unique entertainment experience", where you can chillax, drink, and enjoy the amazing Hive DJ's. 

Lima Lima Bar

Lilienblum St 42, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Whether you know Lima Lima for its long lasting presence in Tel Aviv, its modest fancy vibes, or the unreal parties thrown there, this bar has everything to draw you in. With a lively dance floor, outside courtyard, mellow lighting, and amazing music, you'll be captured and ready to stay all night!

Lima Lima Bar logo
Lima Lima Bar Pub Crawl
Drama Bar logo
Drama Bar pub crawl

Drama Bar

Nahalat Binyamin St 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo

From the outside, you would never expect what Drama has to offer. With multiple floors, beautiful outdoor areas, and an exciting rooftop to party on, Drama has it all. Be sure to check out the garden area before you head down to the bar room for dancing or upstairs to the techno room for an intimate room with vibrant lights and a separate bar. 

Radio EPGB

Shadal St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This underground bar excels in what they do, offering a New York style bar in the heart of Tel Aviv. With some of the best music in Tel Aviv, people come from all over to experience Radio EPGB's amazing music and vibes. If you want us to take you to listen to the most authentic music around, Radio EPGB will surely be on the list. 

Radio EPGB logo
Radio EPGB Pub Crawl
AbraXas Bar
AbraXas Bar Pub Crawl

AbraXas Bar

Lilienblum St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo,

Abraxas Bar isn't just special for its amazing cocktails and mellow lighting to relax in, offering food service  and amazing music in an elegant setting. With such great food and drinks, their nightly offerings of diverse musicians take them above and beyond. Skipping Abraxas Bar is sure to leave you filled with regret, so we'll make sure that doesn't happen!

Rabbit Bar
Rabbit Bar Pub Crawl

Rabbit Bar

Rothschild Blvd 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Rabbit Bar is a fun, sleek, new club. It has rapidly grown in popularity for its fun feel, state of the art sound and lighting, and trendy EDM music and DJs. Combining the new music and lighting with its traditions speak-easy-like design makes it a unique club and a night to remember!

Goat Restaurant & Bar
Goat Restaurant & Bar Pub Crawl

 Rotshchild 24, Tel Aviv Yafo

Goat is an incredible Japanese restaurant which not only serves some of the best Japanese delicacies in Tel-Aviv, but also boasts an incredible cocktail menu each one carefully made by their in house mixologist. The combination of good food and drinks is the perfect lead up to its nightfall transformation into an intimate, dimly lit club with lively music and atmosphere!

Goat Restaurant & Bar

Supreme Room

 Rothschild 22, Tel Aviv Yafo

A Mexican inspired bar, their food was brought all the way from South America with renown chef Michael Gratofsky. Its cocktails follow the same pattern with a unique Mexican twist to even the classics, as well as brand new creations. It also has a unique design with Mexican inspired architecture and decorations that are rarely found in Israel making it a unique blend of two of the most historic and colorful cultures in the world!

Supreme Room logo
Supreme Room Pub Crawl
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