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PURIM 2024 Recap

Wow! Purim 2024 weekend really flew by in a glance, so let's look back at one of the amazing events that D-TLV had the pleasure of conducting. On Friday, the eve of Purim, D-TLV partnered with Marina Ben Gurion Hostel to host an incredible Daytime party right by the beach. With games, raffles, DJs, and of course plenty of alcohol, it really was a party to remember.

Most of the attendees were American gap year participants who certainly showed they know how to party. Everyone came in costumes for Purim which made the vibe even more exhilarating! Some of my favorites were the Barbies, and a large group who came as ‘orange Jews’! D-TLV ensured that the drinks and cocktails would be cheap so that nobody would go thirsty, and sure enough, everyone always had a drink in their hand. From 14:00 to 18:00 people partied straight until sunset, and when the party was finally over, the whole crowd ended with one last cocktail to take down to the beach to watch the sunset.

The very next night, D-TLV held a special Saturday night Purim Pub-Crawl. We got access to bars that would have been impossible to get into on Purim night otherwise, and even on the walks between bars, kept the alcohol flowing with plenty of extra bottles of arak and vodka. The crowd that came with us was many Israelis and internationals, an incredible opportunity for two groups to collide and meet each other in the most fun and friendly circumstances. In the spirit of Purim, again, everyone was in costume, and fit right in with the rest of the country in silly outfits or dressed as famous characters.

Purim 2024 was an absolute blast for us, and for everyone we were with! We can’t wait to celebrate next year, and also every party and pub crawl in between!

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