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Fun ways to spend time during Coronavirus days

Updated: May 9, 2020

Have you ever heard of the phrase "don’t count time, make time count"?

Due to the fact that pub crawls are postponed nowadays because of the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we figured- what better time would be for starting to write a blog?

It would help both you (fabulous readers) and us (pub crawl team) spend time, and would enrich you with cool, interesting and original content.

Let's start our journey!

Here are 5 ways to still enjoy your nights while the city is on pause:

(Super relevant, right?!)

1. Hey, you can still drink from home!

Connect with your BFFs on "Zoom", choose a funny virtual background, or a background of a bar or nightclub, grab your favorite drink, and get the party started!

Catch up with your friends, make each other laugh, drink, dance if you dare, and even play drinking games.

They said social distancing- but nobody said nothing about social drinking ;)


You can download "Snap Camera" and use variety of awesome filters to pump up the vibes.

zoom party hang out

corona quarantine party

2. Join Quarantine Party Facebook group

This fun FB group will entertain you for sure!

With 15.5K members sharing live DJ sets, amusing party memes, hilarious videos, ideas, recommendations and other nice stuff.

The group is very active and every few minutes you will find new posts there.


You can even post there yourself and become a star.

happy girls having fun

3. Go down memory lane

Re-live your happiest moments from pub crawls and other events that gave you the biggest smile (possibly followed by the strongest hangover) by looking through old photos from the past years on your old computer or Facebook albums from 2009, before Instagram was invented.

It will warm your heart! We promise.


Don't just look- Share.

Trendy way: get them on your Insta Highlights, or as a throwback post- so everyone will see you glowing when checking out your account.

Old-fashion way: Print them and create a collage that will make everyone think you hacked Shutterstock.

4. Plan your next trip

If Corona taught us something- is that you can never know what the future holds. So don’t postpone things you want to do! Use this time to research and start planning your next adventure.

Remember, you deserve a vacation after finally being released from isolation. And at some point during the next months- We will travel again!

What better way to shake off the crumbs of isolation than to explore the beautiful world and celebrate life!

We wouldn't yet plan a trip down to the tiniest detail, but start searching what different countries have to offer.

You may also consider Israel as your next destination (we might not be objective but we totally recommend!). It has EVERYTHING: culture, history, good food, nightlife, beaches, arts, and so much more. So if you haven't been to Israel yet…


Mark on this map the countries you've visited so far and find out the percentage of the world you've covered.

plann a trip

5. Start a blog!

Writing this article for sure was a treat.

Occupying yourself with something you love is time well spent.

We all have hobbies- weather if its crawling for alcohol (almost wrote alco-gel!), or crawling as exercise, diving in the water, or diving into insights on life, drawing, cooking, or even watching Friends for the 987,654,321 time.

Write about something you love- and time will do its magic and go by quickly.

Even if you think you're not good at it- it's ok to either write just for yourself or to still share your voice with the world, just for now, or even continue with it and who knows?! It might lead to good things.

Anyways, the important thing is you will have a good time writing, deepen your knowledge about your favorite subject, and bonus: these days some bloggers earn hella good money from writing a blog about what they love- this could also be you!

start a blog

If you will follow all of the above- time will go by and before you know it- you will be partying on the pub crawl with us!

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