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Great Bars in Tel Aviv

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Tel Aviv is a city known for its vibrant scene and incredible nightlife. It is the “city that never sleeps.”

Here are some great bars to visit while you are in Tel Aviv.

Teder FM, previously a radio station which would travel from location to location, now has a permanent spot at Derech Jaffa 9. It combines fantastic music, a great bar and delicious pizza from renowned chef, Eyal Shani. It is housed in the courtyard of the Romano building, which gives it a special atmosphere.

Photo by Ariel Efron

Biggy Z is a New Orleans style bar with a unique Bourbon Street ambience with a lively jazz atmosphere reminiscent of the French Quarter in New Orleans. It is famous for its “unlimited refill” policy, in which its patrons buy a wristband that allows them to enjoy unlimited alcoholic drinks all night. It is located on Bograshov St. 18.

Ozen Bar is an awesome choice for live music lovers. This bar features a wide range of music genres, performed by various local and international artists. It is located on King George St. 48.

Minzar Bar has a casual and friendly vibe and attracts a regular crowd of locals and tourists as well. It offers both outdoor and indoor dining and is open for extended hours. It is located on Allenby 60/Gedera St. 28.

Kuli Alma is a club owned by artists, that attracts the creative community as well as newcomers. This nightclub has a mixed fusion of the arts and includes a gallery space, a dance floor, and an open courtyard. They serve drinks and a vegetarian menu. It is located on Mikveh Israel St.10.

These are just a few of the many awesome bar options that make Tel Aviv the lively city that it is.

To get most out of the Tel Aviv experience be sure to book a private bar tour with us or join our pub crawl!

By Merav Collins

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Unknown member
Jul 28, 2022

It was fun!

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