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Crawling Tel Aviv for Tubi 60

Updated: May 27, 2020

Nowadays, pub crawls have become an integral part of the nightlife scene of almost every city that takes nightlife seriously. And so, in Tel Aviv, a city that has taken partying and clubbing culture to the next level, pub crawls are a must for anyone looking for a sweet taste of what the city has to offer - at night. And as you can imagine a Tel Aviv pub crawl would be - it is full of Tubi 60. Lots of it!

Wait a minute. What is a pub crawl? Well, you come to a new city, and want to have an unforgettable night? you join a pub crawl. There is a meeting point where everyone gathers, then comes the Tubi shots and the party begins. You usually hopp between 4-5 bars, get free shots at each one, dance, meet new people, and then … you wake the next morning with a smile.

Avital has been leading pub crawls in Tel Aviv for the last 3 years. If you go through the reviews you very quickly understand she is one of the best at what she does. Full of endless energies and attuned to make sure that everyone gets the best experience possible.

Avital, How does someone decide to do pub crawls? what happened?

5 years ago, I was traveling with my older brother in Europe. We didn't put effort in looking for cool places to go out to, so our nights out were pretty average. One night we joined a pub crawl, and it was an amazing experience! We got to meet new people who we became friends with, played drinking games, tried crazy shots, and discovered awesome night spots. All we had to do was just sign up. We loved it so much that we joined again the next night. After that night, I realized that I wanted to organize pub crawls in Tel Aviv, and provide other people with as fun of an experience as I had!

The first pub crawl I organized was in 2017, and I had taken a group of people around the city. It was a night we all talk about even until today! I realized people seemed to love it and so I began organizing pub crawls on a regular basis.

What is it about your work that you love the most?

For me--setting aside the obvious: going out and having fun in Tel Aviv- it's the opportunity to meet new people all the time, and introduce them to this amazing city. What motivates me to wake up each morning, with new energy, and excitement, is that what I do connects people and provides fond memories that live on for years to come. That may sound cliche, but it's true. Every time I lead a group, whether it's a large pub crawl with thirty people or a private tour of three, I'm no less excited than I was the first time around.

Let's talk about Tubi, how do people react when they try Tubi for the first time?

They are usually surprised by the flavor since it tastes like nothing else. People trying it for the first time are mostly curious and ask many questions to know what it is made of and why does it make you feel so happy. It is funny, because I’ve seen lots of people on the Pub Crawl fall in love with Tubi and just wanting more and more.

You probably have many of those, but still, what would be the weirdest someone did during a pub crawl?

On our pub crawls we play a game of challenges, so everytime you get to see people doing many weird things that are really funny. For example: drinking beer from a shoe, licking a stranger's teeth, crawling on the bar’s floor, acting like animals, or signing someone’s buttock.

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