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Are you interested in learning the special winemaking techniques of Israel? Come on a tour of Kadma Winery to learn more!


Located in the village of Kfar Uria (Halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), Kadma Winery is the ONLY winery in Israel that produces wine using ancient winemaking techniques that contribute to making high quality and unique wines. 


A presentation of the winemaking techniques
– A short film showing the journey following the ancient casks

– Description of the impact of the process on the taste of wines.

- A close look at the casks

- Tasting of 4 wines followed by a description of each one.


Tour & Wine Tasting (55 nis)

Tour & Premium Wine Tasting (85 nis)

Wine Tasting (45 nis)

Premium Wine Tasting (75 nis)

Tour (25 nis)

How this works?

Just leave us an inquiry and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Winery Tour
Winery Tour Wine
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