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Flight simulation


Everyone dreams of becoming a fighter pilot, and now you have the opportunity to really experience the world’s most advanced combat flight simulators. Learn of the values and organizational tools with which the Israeli air force holds so valuable. The dedicated team of senior IAF fighter pilots (res.) and former combat flight simulator instructors will guide you and teach you the tools for excellence embedded within the Israeli air force as well as let you experience the unique prevailing spirit that fighter squadrons hold true.

Axe throwing bar

Axe Throwing


A new entertainment experience in the heart of Tel Aviv: An Axe Throwing Bar. Enjoy 9 open throwing lanes, a VIP room with 2 expanded lanes, a sitting bar featuring a variety of beers, finger foods, and great music. A great way to relax and burn off a little steam while having fun competing and drinking with your friends!

Pub Trivia Night


Packed with four rounds of fun, this is a night to remember. Complete with funny videos, music, drinks and more! You can meet new people  at one of the many public trivia nights, or organize your own private event with us for you and your family and friends!

Pub Trivia Night
escape room

Escape Room


Organize a fun activity with your family and friends. Trapped in a room of mystery and riddles, the only way out is to work together. A great way to build your group strength and have fun cracking the code to the room you're locked in!

Carmel Market Taste Tour


Get a guided tour of one of the most famous and historical marketplaces in the entire country. Experience it through the food tasting that will be provided on the tour from various vendors throughout the market. You will leave full of the authentic local cuisine and new knowledge and insight of such an incredible place.


Graffiti Tour


Tel-Aviv can be followed throughout history through its iconic graffiti. The graffiti tells the story of the Israeli people and what their thoughts and feelings were at every point in Israeli history. It is an ever changing diary of the Israeli people. Take an interactive tour and see some of the cities most historic and impactful graffiti!

Walking Tours 


A guided tour walking around the biggest, most advanced city in Israel. Learn about the history and see all the hard to get to and incredible places that you would never otherwise know about. take the day tour and learn all about the incredible city, or a sunset tour in the old city of Jaffa, a beautiful experience that you will not soon forget!

Walking tours
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